Standard Product

Daeheung Cooler Co., Ltd. of Korea is always trying to make the best products.

Standard Water Cooled Oil Cooler

DHPFE Series (DHPFE-S Series, DHPFE-F Series)

We succeeded in developing our own oil cooler with plate fin tube and commercialized it.

The large heat transfer area and excellent heat exchange capacity make it 20-30% smaller and lighter than conventional products. All parts are manufactured for disassembly and assembly, making them easy to clean and repair.

It is used for cooling injection molding machines, extruders, presses, marine engines, compressors and hydraulic units, hydraulic oils, lubricants, cutting oils and heat exchange oils.

* Please consult with our technical staff to cool high temperature, high pressure, vibration pulsation and corrosive materials, other special fluids and gas.